Friday, December 28, 2012

It Was a Very Merry Christmas...

The one thing that bothers me about Christmas time is that it seems to go by wayyyy too quickly.  I am always so sorry to see it go, but it does make me look forward to it the following year.

We had a great, low key Christmas this year.  Our tradition of going out to dinner on Christmas Eve continued and Rob and Michelle were able to join us this year.

Rob and Michelle at McCormick and Schmidt's

Unfortunately for me, I had woken up at 3:30 am Christmas Eve morning sick.  I did not really feel to fabulous but I could not miss Christmas Eve dinner with our crew.  I may not have had much to eat, but I enjoyed the company.

We normally stop off somewhere for drinks afterward, but we ended the night early.

Someone is super excited for Christmas morning!

I felt so much better on Christmas morning.  

Kya was so excited to see what Santa left in her stocking!

She made out pretty well.  Every girl loves a fox ornament (representing our fox friend Francis) and creme sandwich cookies.  I mean, what husky would not be thrilled?

She had to quality check the creme sandwich cookies.  I would have done the same.

Theodore watched from the stairs.  I think he is jealous of the creme sandwich cookie.  Or maybe the fox ornament, I am not sure.

Angel did pretty well as well.  She ended up with some snacks, mice, and an ornament with black coal that says naughty.  Very fitting for little miss trouble maker.

Of course Kya was jealous that the cats were getting gifts and attention...

Theo had to check out the snacks.  If you know Theodore, you know that food is at the top of his list.  Always.  No exceptions.

One thing about Mr. Theodore, he is super obsessed with weird random objects.  One of those objects happens to be Christmas bows.  Yep, Santa should have skipped the mice and just brought Christmas bows.   

With my sweet little hooligans

Angel and Theo had to quality test their treats as well.  

Santa brought me a new Starbucks coffee mug in my stocking

Every husky mom needs a 2013 Siberian Husky calendar

Angel thought it was important to get Ken a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme.  I think she earned a few brownie points!

I was a sweet wife and made my husband these my super yummy, homemade, pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  It is okay to be jealous.  And to be truthful, I had one, Ken had three.  That's right, the person that does not eat sweets had three cinnamon rolls.  Does that tell you how good they are?

Just a boy and his bows...

Us three girls lounging around

We ended our day with Christmas dinner made by yours truly.  We also went to the movies to watch Django Unchained earlier in the afternoon.  It was very good.  Very weird, but very good.  Christmas 2012 could not have been better!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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