Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Training Things...

With all of the training I have been doing lately, things are bound to go wrong, right?  I mean, I am so not a professional or even an experienced tri-athlete, so I am bound to do things that are silly.  I like to think of myself as the normal everyday tri-athlete.  I try not to take things too seriously, knowing full well that I am just rolling with the punches on this whole ironman thing.

  • I have been wearing my swimcap backwards for oh, the last seven months.  Yep, that's right, I just noticed the other day that a lady in the gym was wearing the same pink cap as me and the speedo logo was on the front and not the back like I have been wearing it.  I took a good look at my swimcap and noticed that yes, the logo obviously goes in front.
  • I also just realized on Friday the correct way my goggles go on.  In my defense, I have only had these specific goggles for about six weeks, but still.  I had zero goggle issues on my 2.4 mile swim on Friday and told myself that I needed to mark them as to which side is up.  Well guess what, there is a mark on both sides of the goggles that show which is the top side.  In my defense, the top and bottom look a lot alike.
  • I finally had to buy a new swimsuit.  Mine went from okay to borderline peep show overnight.  My biggest fear is that my butt crack was showing because the bottoms were falling down.  That's right, I just typed butt crack.  Don't even ask about how the top was starting to fit.
  • I think I finally have my breathing down to where I am not spitting on anyone when I breathe.  This is a step in the right direction.
  • I had to share a lane with a guy at the pool the other day.  Guess what, I was faster than him.  I am sure he did not realize that it was a competition, but I totally kicked his butt. 
  • I have encountered more dead animals on my bike rides than I can count.  I think this is the worst part about riding a bike.  You see and smell so many awful things.  On my 90 mile ride over the weekend, I saw a dead raccoon, dead skunk, and a dead deer.  I turned around when I saw the dead deer.  That was too much.  Plus, it was at the bottom of a big hill and I felt that the dead deer was a sign that I should turn around. 
  • I passed someone on the bike on Saturday.  A man to be more exact.  Sure, he was like 60, but it still counts.  Seeing how I am so slow on the bike, this is a huge victory and I will take my props when I can get them.
  • Speaking of being passed, there is this one hill on my route that is the death of me.  It is at 159th and Mission and it is not even the steepest hill I ride up.  It always comes about three miles from home at the end of the ride and is about a half mile long or so.  I hate this hill.  A few weeks ago, I was dying going up this sucker and out of nowhere comes a Lance Armstrong wannabe flying up the hill.  He turns around and asks me if I was okay.  I was not quite sure what made him thing I was struggling, my heavy panting or the fact that I was counting while I was going up the hill and every other word was an f-bomb?  I assured him I was fine and had already ridden 60 miles and that is why I was cursing so much.  That and my hoo hoo hurt.

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