Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Weekend...

This past weekend was a big training weekend.  I am happy to say that I survived.  I am not feeling to fabulous today, but what can I expect!

Friday - 2.4 mile swim, that's right, a 2.4 mile swim!  Oh and a two mile run.

Saturday - 90 mile bike ride in the 99 degree heat.  My hoo hoo will never be the same!

Sunday - 12 mile run. 

I ended up having to run on the treadmill on Sunday.  I just could not drag myself out of bed early enough to get outside.  I need my sleep!  I would have liked to have run 15 miles, but I was pressed for time. 

I ended up training for just short of 10 hours over the weekend.  The sad thing, I did not even have any ice cream to celebrate. 

We are officially on the countdown, less than 5 weeks to go!  I hope I am ready.  I have a 100 mile bike ride planned for this weekend.  Yikes!

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