Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A St. Louis Weekend...

We just returned from a weekend in St. Louis.  We always try to catch at least one Cardinal game at Busch Stadium each year.  We had a very full weekend full of family and friends.

Of course Kya went with us.  Doesn't she look abused?  This was after her four mile run before we left.

If you have made the trek from Kansas City to St. Louis, you have driven past the Bobber Cafe.  This is all that remains of her.  May she rest in peace.

Enjoying a latte.  Oh, and an eclair.  It was so good.  This was after my 12 mile run with my friend Laura, so the eclair was very much deserved.

She was just taking it all in, enjoying a beautiful Saturday.

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon walk before a Cardinal game.  Chasing the geese made it that much better.

Ken and me at the game.  They lost and played horrible, but we still enjoy going.

We decided at the last minute to go to St. Louis and to go to the game, and we ended up with seats WAAAAYYY up at the top. As in, second row from the top.  I gave Ken a hard time about it the entire time.  Next time, we will plan ahead.  :)

Ken on our walk back to the car

Where was this photo taken? None other than Ozarkland!  You know, the only place where you can buy fudge, moccasins, dream catchers, taffy, walnut bowls, and many more fabulous items!

There are those moccasins I was talking about!

Ken found an Indian Jones whip.  He was snapping that thing like a pro.

Hands off ladies, he is mine.

Does anyone recognize this place?  This was our first time to stop at this truck stop and we were intrigued after seeing it on tv. 

I would say that between Ozarkland and the truck stop, we had just as much fun on the drive home.  A few things we learned:  Long John Silvers does not taste as good as it did when I was 16 and cruising around Joplin and Ken is not impressed that I can sing every song that comes on my iPod.  He has no idea how lucky he is.  :)


Heather said...

LOL - looks like a fabulous time!

lindsay said...

i think if i tried to play with a whip i would smack myself in the face!