Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Weeks...

It has been two weeks of no running so far.  Do I miss it, heck ya!  I think what I miss the most is not worrying about what I eat, knowing that I will just run it off.  I just do not think that anything else gives me as good of a calorie burn as running.  I am sad to report, that I have cut down on my candy and dessert intake. 

Ken and I rode our bakes 19 miles yesterday after work.  It was so much fun.  I am trying to get the hang of riding my bike outside instead of on the trainer.  I get nervous taking turns and going to fast down hill.  Hopefully, this will all go away soon.

So far the pain is completely gone whenever I walk.  My leg felt totally normal last night on my bike.  I am still being a good girl and will not be running anytime soon.  I am really glad that we have had a lot going on to keep my mind off of it.

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The CilleyGirl said...

So glad to hear that it's feeling better! I was just writing about how I need to remember I'm not going to go run off all those extra calories. Apparently just thinking really hard about running won't work ;)