Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Date Night in the ER....

I was talking to Ken Sunday night on his way home from playing golf. He told me that he really just wanted to hang out with me.  Okay, that sounds nice, we can drink wine and watch the Amazing Race I thought.  Well, Ken took a tumble on our stairs (he is okay) and we ended up spending our time together in the emergency room.  That's right, a loud thump and a dislocated shoulder later, we got to spend the whole evening together.

You see, Ken also dislocated his shoulder in July 2009 while we were on vacation in Sonoma County.  We really know how to have a good time.  I knew this time around that time was of the esscence for getting his shoulder put back in right away.  Last time, it took us about three hours just to get to the hospital. 

Little did I know that they would end up putting Ken under general anesthesia to complete the procedure, since the hospital in Healdsburg, CA tried to rip his arm off with no medication.  A little morphine, propofol, a few tugs and he was back to normal. 

For me, the entertainment was while Ken was on propofol.  He never went completely under, just dazed to the point that he was saying a few silly things.  I think the nurses and doctors thought that I was being a mean wife by busting up laughing at him.  At least I had a little entertainment. 

Doesn't he look pathetic?

All and all, he is fine, just a little sore.  Oh and he feels a little silly for tripping and falling down our stairs. Despite what people might think, a cat was not involved in causing him to trip.  I was curious if the people in the ER thought that maybe I had pushed him.  They probably did the math:  4'10 100 pound girl vs. 6'5 220 pound man, not likely.  


One Crazy Penguin said...

Oh no!

Glad to hear that he's doing okay though.

Heather said...

Poor Ken - hoping he isn't in too much pain! From the looks of that picture, he wasn't :) lol

Oh & I can't wait to hear all about being the new "favorite" in the family :)

lindsay said...

Hahaha. I love that you were laughing at him and wonder if the hospital did think you were guilty...

Seriously though, I hope he's not in pain and gets well soon!!