Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dreams Lately...

Are you a very vivid dreamer?  I am.  I can still remember a few nightmares I had from my childhood.  Two involved my oldest brother and a snake and the other involved a very disturbing episode of Fraggle Rock.  Don't judge.  I think the Fraggle Rock one was the most horrible dream ever.  I still cringle even thinking about it.

The last few nights I have had dreams about an iron man.  In the first one, I just kind of showed up and said hey, I can do this.  I joked that I had not trained for the swim and that I thought I could do it.  Oh, and on this dream, I also realized that I was completely naked under my wet suit and would have to run from the wet suit strippers to the transition area completely nude.  Nice.

In the other iron man dream, Ken and I showed up about 10 minutes before the start and I realized I would not be able to drop off any of my bags for the transition areas.  I told Ken I thought is was fine, I could do it without changing clothes or shoes.  How bizarre.

My dream last night,  was that I dropped Kya off to be boarded with no blanket or cookies.  Talk about feeling like the worst mother ever.  The vet was totally judging me by saying don't you always bring her a blanket and snacks? 

Apparently I need to lay off something before going to bed.  Maybe I have been eating too many M&M's or malted milk balls.  Seriously, these stressful dreams are killing me!


Melissa said...

Ok so when I first read this I was thinking of Ironman the movie character. Not the triatholon. Hope you have better dreams tonight.

Tara said... sounds like a triathlon is in your future???? Oh come on, why not?
I've been having some freaky deaky dreams too.
I love your Bahama pics. Sounds like you all had a great time and drank those poor people out of all the booze on their island.
Who in the hell goes on a Rick Springfield cruise?

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