Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fantastic Sunday Run and Two Less Teeth....

Sunday was a gorgeous day for a run in Kansas!  There was little to no wind, that rarely happens!

I ran 12 miles on my hilly route.  It was such a great run.  I had no time goal in mind and just ran.  It was the longest run I have had since the St. Louis Marathon.  It was FANTASTIC.

Now, on to more exciting things, I had two teeth extracted yesterday.  What fun, right?  I knew I was going to have to have them taken out.  My orthodontist that I had as a child wanted me to have them removed, and to continue on with braces for a few more years, but after four years of braces, I was over it. 

I currently look like I reside in the state of Arkansas.  And not the Northeastern corner either, I am talking deep Arkansas! 

When I visited with the Oral Surgeon a few weeks ago he told me that I had two choices, be awake or go to sleep.  Um, let me think about this for a second...I will go to sleep.  He continued to talk about the benefits of me choosing the sleep option.  Um, yeah, no sales pitch is needed doc, I will take being put under any day over watching you come at me with metal objects trying to rip out my teeth.

My husband was sweet enough (who am I kidding, when you are married you have to do these things) to take me to the surgery yesterday.  It was really no big deal.  We all know that I love to talk and I hate more than anything when I cannot.  I had the laughing gas mask on and the RN's were asking me about running (I was wearing a marathon top), I hate not being about to respond with full sentences.  Oh well.

I got the IV (which I was really nervous about) and went to sleep.  The only thing I remember about waking up is drinking Sprite.  I thought it tasted so good.  I even asked the nurse what it was and if I could have some more.  Really Sprite?  Maybe I thought it was white wine?  I was wheeled out to the car and off we went.  I was a little disappointed that Ken left me in the car when he went in to the pharmacy to get me Advil.  I guess he did not feel like babysitting.  :)  He made up for it when he cruised thru Dunkin Donuts and got me a donut.  I am pretty sure that was not on the list of items that I could eat, but you know, you can never turn down Dunkin Donuts!

Yesterday was a day of rest at our house.  We watched movies all day (Ken really struck out on Redbox selections this time) and caught up on our DVR.  It rained all day, so it was the perfect day for us to relax at home.  Ken even made me Spaghettios.  He said that they looked gross, but you know if I am going to look 15, I may as well eat like I am 15!

So far so good today.  I think I feel worse today than I did yesterday.  I have a weird taste in my mouth. and it feels weird to talk!


Heather :) said...

Hope you start to feel better soon Keri! Let me know if you need anything :)

ajh said...

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon. Surely you can have Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Keri, hope you are doing better! Erinn

Baron and Amelia said...

Sorry to hear you had to have all this done. Hope you are feeling better soon!

lindsay said...

hope you bounce back quickly!

no way in heck would i have opted to stay awake!! they offered me that for my wisdom teeth... umm i'd much rather pay $$$ than be awake for that junk no thanks!

Wendy said...

Hope you are feeling better today!

The sprite thing made me laugh. :)