Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tempo Time!

In an effort to increase my speed, I ran a tempo run on the treadmill at the gym last night.  I warmed up for two miles and then ran three tempo miles.  The first and second miles were 8:00 minute miles and the last one was 7:56.  After that, I cooled down for two more miles.  I ran seven total miles in 60:42.

Honestly, I think I could run the tempo pace a little faster.  It was hard, but I did not have that I am going to die feeling.  The 200's I ran last week were way harder.  I know I probably would have run faster outside, but it was icy and I did not want to chance falling.  I am afraid of trying to go too fast on the treadmill in fear of falling and being the girl that fell on the treadmill.  I go to a very small gym and everyone recognizes me as the girl that runs all of the time and I do not need a new nickname!

Overall, I was super excited about this run.  When I did mile repeats a few weeks ago, I ran them at this same pace and cool down breaks in between.  Obviously my mile repeats could probably be a little faster.  I am thinking about my goal for the St. Louis Marathon and wondering what it should be.  My main goal is to break four hours.  I am feeling a lot stronger these past few weeks.  I guess I will see how things go, because I know that for every great running day, a bad one is just around the corner!

In other new, Survivor starts tonight!  We are big Survivor fans at our house.  I think it reminds me of when Ken and I first started dating almost six years ago.  We did the long distance thing for eight months and it was always a treat when we could watch it together.  Now we get to watch it together most Thursdays unless Ken is traveling.  We will still DVR it so we can watch it together.  We like to pick a guy and a girl on the first episode as our players and see who wins.  We have both actually picked the winners before.  Hmm...we really need to get out more. 

Does anyone have Valentines Day plans?  Ken's birthday is on Valentines Day so we always celebrate his birthday instead of Valentines Day.  I always use that to my advantage to get my way throughout the year.  :)

Oh, speaking for Valentines Day, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes Tuesday night.  Apparently they were delicious because my office and Ken's office gobbled them up!  Ken even had one and he does not eat sweets.  I wish I had taken a picture because they were so pretty!  They had red and pink sprinkles!  Next time, next time...


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Aw, I wish you'd taken a pic, too. Bet they were good!

Great tempo run! Yeah, I wouldn't want that nickname either, or the pain.

ajh said...

Great tempo runs. The cupcakes sound great.

KJ said...

First of all- way to rock your run! Wow- seriously so impressed! Second- I love that you guys love Survivor b/c so do Josh and I! Its one of our favorites! We still don't have cable but next week we'll be tuning in that's for sure! And thirdly- I love V-day- not sure what we're going to do but have so much fun celebrating your honey's bday! And so festive that you made red velvet cupcakes!

lindsay said...

great treadmill tempo! hopefully you'll get used to the speed and less afraid of being tossed off the back. i worry about that some days too... so far, so good! (fingers crossed i didn't just jinx myself)

i'm in the group that thinks v-day is stupid and that love should be celebrated all the time :) makes it easy on my fiance though - i'm good with just some chocolate (or a lot...)