Thursday, February 18, 2010

Popping Your Gum in Public....

I will admit, if I chew gum in the right situation I will pop it in my mouth.  That situation typically includes being my car by myself or in my own home where I can only annoy my husband.  Popping my gum while running on the treadmill at the gym, not so much.

There is this lady at my gym that I have seen a few times.  Typically, it is when I am either running a tempo run or some type of intervals.  I am sure she is nice, but I cannot I repeat, CANNOT handle her popping her gum while she is running on the treadmill.  I can hear it over my Ipod when she is a few treadmills over.  She is lucky that she is never on the treadmill next to me or I might shove her.  I give her dirty looks in the treadmill mirror when she is popping it, but she must not be intimidated by my 4'10 petite frame or she cannot put two and two together.  I was hoping that she would finish her run around the same time I did so I could politely let her know that popping her gum like that when others are working out is really annoying.  I am sure there is no nice way to say that, but I was going to try.  I was pretty irritated. 

I went home and told Ken about the gum popping incident.  He told me that I am a gym snob.  Me, a gym snob?  I do not think so.  I just get annoyed when people do not take into consideration that they are in public and could be annoying others.  Seriously, get some common courtesy people.  Now breathing hard is an exception, I breathe hard doing my sprints, but that is why you are at the gym.   

Anyway, I ran six miles on the treadmill at the gym on Tuesday including 4 x 800 intervals.  I was shooting for five but wimped out on the first one and only did .30.  How do you wimp out on the first one?  Don't know, but I did.

Last night I was able to run outside.  It was wonderful.  I took Kya for 2.25 miles and then finished up by myself for 10 miles total.  I was a little underdressed and ended up freezing my booty off, but it felt good!  I warmed up with some hot chocolate made by my new BFF Hazel, aka the Keurig coffee maker.  She is magical.

I did watch Dear John over the weekend with my girlfriends.  I liked it, up until the ending.  There may have been a moment where I cried too.  Overall, it was a pretty good movie.  I want to go see Shutter Island this weekend.  Who does not love Leonardo and his Boston Accent??


KJ said...

You're hilarious! Isn't it funny how we just have those ticks that make us CRAZY like a women in the gym popping her gum! Ugh... the nerve! :) I"m sure I would be annoyed too if I were you! Your hubby sounds so cute- love the banter between husbands and wives its priceless.
So you saw Dear John... I still really want to see it.
Oh and the self tanner I'm using is Khiel's- it works really well! But I like the Jergans too!

ajh said...

Shutter Island looked pretty intense in the previews. I'll be interested to see how you like it.

Marathon Maritza said...

Ew. That sounds both annoying and gross! I would be a wimp and just tell a gym employee, hahahaha!

Great job on your runs! I really wanna see Leo too....uh...I mean, Shutter Island.