Friday, February 26, 2010

I Have an Addiction...

Plain and simple, I am an addict.  I am addicted to Easter candy.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love candy all of the time, but Easter candy belongs in its own additction category. 

You know you have a problem when one of your best girlfriends emails you to tell you that she saw a Reese's commercial and instantly thought of you.  Two of my other girlfriends have asked me how much candy I have purchased and consumed already.

Um last year, I ate well over 12 bags of Easter candy all by myself.  I lost count after the 12th bag when we were still only in March...yikes!

Here are my favorites!  And yes, I did buy a bag of each at Target yesterday! 

Hands down, the best Easter candy ever! 

I am already on my second bag of these babies!

I buy these for my husband who does not like candy.  Really Ken, you help me eat them without issue!

Plain and simple, Reese's Cups taste better shaped as eggs!

These are new to my line up, but they are oh so good! 


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I s'pose any gal that runs 18 miles this weekend ought to be able to treat herself with candy!

I didn't know they made Reese's Pieces in Easter colors!

ajh said...

I love spice jelly beans.
I really love those orange pumpkins and candy corn at Halloween.
Normal no holiday favorite is M+Ms.

Baron and Amelia said...

Oh my gosh. Easter candy is my favorite. Now I have to get to the store and buy some. I like the blue package cadbury eggs. Off to target

Missy said...

Peanut butter eggs, chopped up on top of vanilla ice cream for a homemade 'blizzard' - yep we have that weakness right now too!

lindsay said...

at least easter candy is only available a few months out of the year... unlike m&m's that are year-round :)

those hershey egg things are good... i bought a bag this month -- i mean they're not TECHNICALLY m&m's ;)

beautiful pictures. think i need to go get some chocolate now! lol

Wendy said...

I love all of those!

Marathon Maritza said...

Yum!!! I love the mini eggs, but girl...where are the cadbury creme eggs???

Anonymous said...

ive eaten entire bags of cadbury eggs in one sitting... the large bags.