Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gobbler Grind Marathon Race Report...A New PR!

Alright!  I am back.  On top of finishing the marathon, I have had so much drama at work and then I ended up getting sick.  I am so glad that I got sick after and not before!  We have had so much drama at work, that I had to work the day after my I ran the marathon, which was not my plan.  Maybe that is why I ended up getting sick over Thanksgiving...

Well, I did not hit my goal of 4:00, but I did manage to get a new PR.  I finished in 4:15.  I will take that!

My friend Melissa was running the 5K, so she was going to drive me to the start so that Ken could drive me home after the race.  I know, I am such a sweet wife for letting him sleep in on marathon day.  He will repay me when I finally get into the NYC Marathon when he has to wake up to have me at the ferry at the crack of dawn. 

The race started at 8:00, so I was able to sleep until 6:00 am.  I had my toast and peanut butter and a cup of coffee for breakfast.  Melissa picked me up at 7:00 and we were off.  Two of Melissa's friends were also running the 5K, so we met up with them for a quick picture. 

While I was waiting in line to go tinkle, I ran into a girl that used to live at the same apartment community as Ken and I did.  I could not believe that Hope saw me waiting in line!  She and I used to talk up at the gym and I knew she ran, but did not know she ran marathons.  We ended up chatting the entire time I was in line and she waited for me and we walked to the start together.  It was so nice to see her and I am sure we will be meeting for a running date soon.  She is a little faster than me, but I think that will help!

We started and ran in Corporate Woods for the first three miles and then we were off on the Indian Creek Trail.  The course is pretty flat except for a pretty large hill around mile eight.  I did get stuck behind slower people on two bridges on the trail, which caused me to have 9:40 minute miles around miles five and six.  At mile 10, the 200 people running the full marathon broke away from the half marathoners and ran on the trail, which was pretty secluded.  I had anticipated this, but it was still a little harder than I imagined. 

I was on pace at the half way mark, but I just felt tired around mile 15.  I stopped for a moment and stretched and felt a lot better, but I never good get my pace back.  I started having knee issues somewhere around mile19 and would have to walk a quarter of a mile during each mile.  It was so weird.  What is funny is that it was not the same knee that bothered me after the San Francisco Marathon.  I guess I am just getting old. :) 

I still ended up passing a lot of people during the final miles, which was nice.  I caught up to one guy around mile 23 and he told me how tough he thought I was.  I am not sure why he thought I was so tough?  I talked to him for awhile and thought he would finish with me, but I ended up finishing ahead of him.  He was a super nice guy and I enjoyed talking to him.  Thanks Jeremy! 

I saw Ken and Kya right before I crossed the finish line.  Kya was so excited to see me that she stepped out on the course so I could pet her.  I was so glad to be finished.  My friend Melissa stayed the entire time and hung out with Ken.  She snapped a few pictures for me.  What a great friend she is!

I drank some chocolate milk and we headed off to the car.  Just as I was thinking that I am finished with running marathons, Ken looks over and me and tells me how proud of me he is.  Wow, it was all worth it just to hear that!

Picture Time!

Marci, Stacey, me, and Melissa.  I never realize how short I am until I stand with other people. 

At mile 17

Obsessively checking my Garmin

Ken and Kya playing.  This girl loves to play.  People always want to pet her too.  I told Ken that if he were single, Kya would totally be a chick magnet for him!  Glad he is not!

Here I come!

My girl was so excited to see me!  She is on her leash and is not running wild as it appears.  You can tell how small of a race this is.  Kya would never be able to get this close to me in a large race finish area.  Ken said that he preferred this race to a larger race.  The Memphis Marathon is still my favorite. 

Stopping my watch.  I am so finished at this point.  Seriously.

Melissa and me


Baron and Amelia said...

Way to go. I got the hints. I am just not sure about training in the cold. Hope your feeling better. Who else is doing Chicago?

Melissa said...

Love the fact that you use the one photo I debated sending you...I was having camera issues across the street when I took the one of your lower half. Great job Keri!

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

4:15! Great finishing time!!! And esp. with a sore knee and slowing for others.

Looks like it was kind of quiet out there... It takes perseverance to keep running when people aren't on all of the streets cheering and you're feeling slightly (!) exhausted! You did a great job!

And great race pics, too!

Don't forget to ice your knee and rest!

Wendy said...

YAY! A PR!!! So happy for you!
Just think what you will do when your knees are feeling good.