Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sorry if it seems like I have been complaining about the cold a lot lately, but it is sooooo cold!  I ventured out around 2:00 yesterday afternoon for my first long run after my marathon.  I ran on my hilly route and it was great.  Yeah, great if you consider a 20 mph wind blowing in your face most of the time and a dropping temperature.  At least I was not on the treadmill! 

I could not believe how cold it started to get during my run I could feel the temperature dropping and the wind picking up.  I ended up running 10 miles, which is the longest I have run since the Gobbler Grind Marathon. 

I ran four easy miles on my treadmill in the basement last night.  I had a weird booty leg pain going on before the run, but I think it is gone.  I stretched a lot and ran pretty easy and the pain has disappeared.  I guess it was more soreness than pain, but it seems to be gone.  Thank goodness!

I am heading to the gym as soon as I leave work!  Oh, does anyone have a suggestion on which brand of arm warmers to purchase?  I am wanting to add a pair to my Christmas list and am not sure which brand I should try.  Any suggestions are appreciated!


Wendy said...

I think I've been complaining about the weather too much too. BUT, it is so cold!! :)

Glad you got a good run in!

I'm not sure about the arm warmers, but I've been wanting some too. Good idea to ask for them as a gift.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

One day recently I used hand warmers in my gloves. Felt wonderful at first, but it was overkill after a couple of miles because it warmed up.

Sorry about the soreness. Glad it's gone!

lindsay said...

ooh the cold is so uncomfortable! even if you do warm up in the first mile... still. that first step out the door (and the first part of the run) is so bitter! brrr.

i have sugoi arm warmers (size small) and love them!

aron said...

i have a couple pairs of armwarmers and my fav ones are my asics ones - and they were only $7 or something cheap! i got them at roadrunners, they used to have them online so check it out. they are warm and stay put! i have zensah ones too, which i love the fabric and i know a lot of people that love them, but they fall down on me :-/