Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Totals...

I ran 125 miles on my little legs in September!  I know this may not see like a lot to some, but it is my highest mileage in one month!  I just started tracking my mileage in 2008, but I cannot imagine that I ran this much in 2007 when I first started training. 

I am looking to add about 10-20 miles more this month to bump up my mileage even more.  I read an interesting article in an old Runners World yesterday ( I was a little bored at work) and found it very interesting.  I really think I have it in me to run an 4:00 marathon and eventually qualify for Boston!  I am planning on running the Gobbler Grind Marathon in November and am shooting for a 4:00 finish time.  I have a few things working to my advantage:

  1. It is much cooler here in November
  2. I have run on this trail countless times, but it has been a while since I have, so I should not be too bored
  3. I  have run the half marathon the last two years and only remember one small hill
I am pretty excited about this race.  I am also excited that my friend Laura is coming to Kansas City to run the Kansas City Half Marathon with me!  It should be a hilly race, but a fun weekend.  It is so funny that downtwon Kansas City is hilly and about five miles across the state line is flat as a pancake!


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

How fun - a marathon in only a couple of months! That cooler weather will help you get down to 4 hours.

Baron and Amelia said...

I had no idea about you doing another marathon. Tell me about that. Also, you had to beat me on the mileage this month. HAHAHA. Can't wait to visit.

Wendy said...

Thanks Keri! The weather is making me a little nervous. I had my race outfit all planned out and now I need to make some changes. It will be fine though. I know I'd much rather have it cold than hot. It's supposed to be upper 30's at the start. Hopefully the winds will be calm. :)

Thanks again for thinking of me this weekend! :)