Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Run....Finished

I finally got off my butt and ran my last long run before the marathon. It was pretty nice out, so I enjoyed it. I ran on a few hills to prepare a final time for the large hills in San Francisco. I ended up running 10 miles instead of eight. I needed to burn off the ice cream I ate on Saturday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Best Running Shoes

When I first started running I was wearing my normal tennis shoes, which were Nike Shox. I had no idea that I needed better running shoes or that I needed shoes that were a size larger. I was quite excited about getting to buy a larger size shoe since I normally wear a size 5 and it is almost impossible to find shoes. Yay, a size 6, this means lots of options!

I visited a local running store and was fitted for my first official pair of running shoes. I decided on the Saucony Omni 6 model, despite pink not being a color offered. The salesman did tell me repeatedly that buying a shoe for color was not the best idea. I had to wear blue shoes. Oh well, I can always wear pink tops and to be my girly self.

After my first marathon, these shoes were worn out so I had to buy a new pair. I though I would try something different. I bought a pair of New Balances. They were still blue too, yuck. They ended up not working for me at all. I wore them for about 200 miles and they had to retire them to walking shoes. Since Saucony discontinued my shoe, I had to go with the new model the Omni 7. They were similar, but still not my favorite. I ended up burning through two pairs of this style and wore one pair during my second marathon.

As luck would have it, I was looking on Amazon one day and found the best shoe in the whole world for sale on clearance! I of course had to buy a few pairs. Guess what, they are still blue.

As I suit up for my third marathon this coming weekend, I will be wearing what I find to be the best pair of running shoes, the Good Old Omni 6, in blue.

Running, Running, Running...

Here I am one week from the San Francisco Marathon and I am putting off doing the one thing I typically cannot get enough of: running. Training has been really tough this time. I started off very strong and even finished two half marathons in under two hours. What happened? I like to call it Summer.

It has been so hot and humid the last few weeks. I can wake up at 5:00 am and still sweat to death and feel like I might die before I finish running. All of that leads to me asking myself why I am running? Why do I want to put myself through the misery? I still grab my shoes and go out and run. I may not be running as far as I want to, but I am not giving up. My true excitement about this race is that it should only be 57 degrees. Wow, 57 degrees. I have been running in 97 degree weather with 95% humidity. San Francisco will be so nice.

I am pretty sure I need to be headed out the door right now to run my last long run of eight miles. Hmm...Jurassic Park 3 is on...