Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun...

On the plane ready to go.  Too bad a teenager vomitted on the plane and we were delayed so maintenance could change out the seat cushion...ew.

All of the cruise ships that dock next to our hotel.  I had never seen a cruise ship up close like this.  They are huge!  After arriving, we went to the straw market.  To say it was nuts was an understatement.  If you looked at anything the people attacked you trying to bargain.  I was so tired of hearing "necklace for the pretty ladies" and "pretty ladies I give you a deal".  It was utter chaos.  We did get two straw hats and a dress.
 In our first room getting ready to head to dinner.  We ended up changing rooms because we had an adjoining room with someone else and we could hear them sneezing.  Seriously, we were not going to deal with that or have them irritated when we came home in the wee hours of the morning busting up laughing. 

Our first dinner experience was interesting.  We went to Conch Fritters which was right across the road from the hotel.  Worst service ever.  Oh and in the Bahamas, a 15% gratuity is added to everything, so there was no need to give us good service, the chick was getting a tip no matter what.

Obviously alcohol is involved at this point.  Don't worry, we were very safe and stayed at the hotel bar so we could stumble back up to our room.  Our new room would not be ready until after 10:00 pm, so we had a lot of time to kill. 
 Red wine, why yes, I will take another glass please

We did once again learn that Michelle's limit on red wine is three glasses.  Something happens between that third and fourth glass and well, she loses her filter.  :)

When we first arrived, there were storms on the East Coast causing huge waves and the beach was filled with sea weed and trash.  I was amazed at how quickly it was cleaned up.

It was so rough hanging out on the beach drinking banana daiquiris looking at this light house.

Michelle enjoying her day.  This is the hat that did not make the trip back home. At least she is in a photo.

I could do this all day, everyday

The shops downtown

Captain and Diet Coke, why yes please.
Michelle already for the night ahead

For dinner the second night, the bartenders told us to try another place across the street called Imperials.  It looked as shady as all get out, but we listened.  It was so good!  Best fish and chips ever!  It was so shady that the workers are behind glass and you slide your money under the glass like you would at a scary gas station. 

These photos do not do the place justice.  While we were there a lot of locals came in to order, so you know it must be good.
Another night of way too much fun.  She has no idea that in just moments, the oil tycoon will come walking in. 

We met a lot of fun people this night.  We started playing a game called guess how old Keri is, (who would start such a game?) and one guy shouted 32.  Let's just say that by the time I was done with him he felt awful.  Sorry Bob.  He ended up being super nice and we enjoyed chatting with him for the rest of the night.
 Ah, waiting and waiting for the oil tycoon.  So while I was making Bob feel like an idiot, Michelle had a man sit next to her that told her he owns oil rigs.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but we had so much fun with that one.  We have no idea of his name, we just call him the oil tycoon.  We kept saying black gold, Texas tea, for the rest of the trip.  I might have a video of us singing a song that we made up, but I certainly am not going to post it.  Just use your imagination.  :)

Us with our favorite bartender, Phillip.  (You can totally see oil tycoon's hands by the way).  Phillip offered for me to move to the Bahamas and live with him.  He told me that I would not have to work, do laundry, dishes, cook, grocery shop, or balance the check book.  Tempting, but he told me I could bring Kya, but not my cats or my husband.  Sorry Phillip, that is a deal breaker.

We walked over to Senior Frogs after this, and thank goodness they were closed.  Of course we were disappointed at the time (or at least I was), but glad the next day that we had gotten to bed at a somewhat decent hour.

The beach all cleaned up.  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous
A view of the hotel

Sadly, on Monday night, I was having way too much fun and did not get a lot of photos (I did somehow manage to get pictures of the serial killers, but not myself).  Monday night was such a fun night.  We met two pilots for British Airways at the hotel bar.  One of them was lame and he left, (peace out Mark!) but Stephen was hilarious.  We did make him show us his ID to verify he was a pilot and we told he we would be Googling him.  I am sure we did not seem creepy at all.  We spent a huge part of the evening having him say flat, mobile, cheerio, holiday and anything else that we thought was funny with a British accent. 

While still at the hotel bar, we met another guy named Steven.  Hey, why not keep it simple you know.  He joined in with talking to UK Stephen and next thing you know, we are at Senior Frogs.  I had been begging the entire time to go to Senior Frogs.  I thought there would be loud music and dancing, basically just a lot of fun.  Um, no.  It was lame, lame, lame, but I am easily entertained as you will see below. 

UK Stephen (serial killers in the background)

Alright, so I am not sure who started calling these guys serial killers.  Perhaps Steve or maybe me?  It is totally something I would say.  They were staring at us and I felt compelled to bust out the camera to take their photos, you know just in case.  Seriously.  I am not sure why I thought this was so funny, but I am pretty sure I had all of us wound up.   

Michelle at Senior Frogs

After a super late night, the only thing left to do is people watch on the beach.  Apparently there was a Rick Springfield Cruise that docked at the port and our hotel was hosting a private concert.  It was like time turned back to the 80's.  We saw all kinds of interesting things.
 Sadly, we stayed in on our last night and watched The Biggest Loser.  We did not even want to think about going down to the hotel bar.  I am sure Phillip and the other guys missed us though. 

We had such a fun trip.  I liked Nassau a lot more than Jamaica.  I never felt uncomfortable and I did not think there is as much poverty.  I would totally go back. 

Thanks for a wonderful time Michelle! 


********You have been warned*********

And just in case you are wondering what security was laughing at in my bag...

LDD enjoying a day on the beach reading

Just to clarify, LDD was a bachelorette party gift.  He went out on the town the night of my bachelorette party and tends to just show up at game night for a few laughs.  He could not turn down a trip to the Bahamas.  I almost peed my pants when security started laughing and I told them he is a huge joke.  Yeah, they searched my bag at the x-ray machine and again while I was waiting in line to board the plane.  Somehow, I managed not to die of embarrassment.  It was just too funny.  Life is too short not to have any fun.

Oh and my pay back for bringing LDD with me, I was totally seated next to a lady on the flight that was so big that she should have purchased two seats.  Yeah, pay back sucks apparently.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Much Fun...

Michelle and I are back from Nassau and we had too much fun!  How do you know you had too much fun in the Bahamas?

  • Your bar tab was enough to buy a Burberry purse
  • Two sun hats were purchased and only one of them made the flight home
  • Security busts up laughing at one of the items in your carry on bag
  • Your bag gets searched not once, but twice
  • You start taking pictures of random strangers at a bar because they look like serial killers
  • The bartenders know your name and your drink
  • You say repeatedly that you are not drinking again until after Christmas
  • You spend your last night there watching the Biggest Loser in your hotel room because you cannot handle another late night
  • You spent an entire evening have a man from the UK say mobile and flat
  • You made up a song regarding one of the men you met at the bar
  • You only ran a total of four miles
All I can say is the Hilton hotel bar will never be the same!  Pictures and full report to follow soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well it happened, I turned 30 yesterday.  It truly was an amazing day.  The celebrating started the night before when my sweet girl friends took me out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 

These girls are amazing friends and we have so much fun when we are together. 

Of course I had cheesecake!  What kind, well what do you think...Pumpkin!  It was so good.  I enhaled it.  That pumpkin cheesecake did not stand a chance!

Wednesday started off with a six mile run with Kya.  It was 55 degrees and wonderful.  There is no better way to start off my birthday than a run with my girl!  When we returned home, Ken and Kya both sang Happy Birthday to me.  

When I arrived at work, my office was all decorated with balloons and streamers.  Everyone was too sweet to me.  

Ken and I originally were going to go out to dinner to celebrate, but I told him I would rather have a night at home with him and the three Hooligans.  We ordered pizza, drank too much wine and enjoyed ice cream cake.  It was a perfect birthday evening.  

 How sweet is my husband?  I turned to get a knife to cut the cake and when I look back, he placed candles on top and started singing Happy Birthday to me!  I may have teared up.  It is the simple things like this that I love so much!

And yes, I am wearing my jammies.  :)  I think in this photo between the braces and jammies, I could easily pass for 25.  :)

It was such an amazing birthday hanging out with friends and my little family.  The celebrating is not over, Ken will be taking me out to dinner next weekend and this weekend, well I will be sipping pina coladas with Miss Michelle on the beach!   

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peace Out 20's....

I know I have said this countless times, but I cannot believe I am turning 30.  It is just not possible.  I have loved my 20's more than I dreamed of.  I know people say being 30 is not that bad or 30 is the new 20.  Well guess what, it is only the people in their 30's saying this! 

I have been told that people love their 30's more than their 20's.  All I have to say to that is my 30's better look out, my 20's were pretty freaking awesome!

In my 20's I....
  • Bought and sold my first house, all by myself by the way
  • Acquired all three of my beautiful pets
  • Met and married my wonderful husband
  • Made the most amazing friends a girl could ask for
  • Became a runner
  • Ran six marathons
  • Learned that no matter what you do, it is possible for someone to dislike you for absolutely no reason at all
  • Moved to a new city away from my comfort zone
  • Traveled to more places than I had ever hoped to
  • Spent more money on shoes and purses than most people do in a lifetime
  • Became an SUV driver
  • Learned that my favorite thing to do is make my husband laugh
  • Tried and liked strawberries, kiwi, and apples
  • Became a wine drinker
  • Discovered Starbucks
  • Learned that there is no substitute for good girl friends that make you laugh until you cry
Watch out 30's you have big shoes to fill!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Decade of Keri...

With my 30th birthday looming (how is that even possible, I am still 24 right?), I thought it would be fun to show you a decade of me in pictures.  The funny thing is, I am not even sure that Ken knows I had the awful hairstyles that I had in my early twenties. 

AGE 20
My Mama and me.  And yes, I am wearing overalls.  I cannot believe I am posting this picture on the internet.  This is the hairstyle that everyone was jealous of.  My hairstylist used a razor blade to get my hair to flip out.  I used a lot of hairspray!

AGE 21
I obviously liked to experiment with color.  Jeeze Louise.  This was also during the "I want to look older phase."  Wow.

AGE 21 right before turning 22
Thank goodness I lost the red color and went back to blonde.  This is me with my boy Theodore.  He was only a few months old.  This is also the first time that I had longer hair.

AGE 22
With Theodore and Angel.  Wow, I look really young.

AGE 22
With my friend Niki before her wedding.  Now this is starting to look like I am today.  Aw, to be 22 again.

AGE 23
With Theodore again.  He is so handsome.  This was take just a few months before I started dating Ken.  Wow, we have been together for a long time!

AGE 23
One of my first photos with Ken
AGE 24
In Las Vegas for New Years' Eve

AGE 24
Okay, so my friend Jill is probably going to kill me for posting this picture, but it is one of my favorites EVER.  This was at Jill's bachelorette party in 2005.  I will let you come up with your own idea as to why Jill has a pair of underwear on her head. 

AGE 25
Celebrating my birthday in Vegas with Ken.  How sweet was he to have a cake sent up to our room!

AGE 25
Ken and me posing with what is now the basement to our house. 

AGE 26
Ken and me in Puerto Vallarta for my 26th birthday.  Also pictured is our new friend Keith.  I am not liking how dark my hair is here.

 AGE 26
In Puerto Vallarta in 2007.  This was our trip to celebrate Ken moving to Nashville.  Fortunately and unfortunately, he came back six months later since our house would not sell during the whole housing crisis thing.  This photo is where things all started to go downhill for me that night.  I was just too popular in Pi Pi's with the staff and they kept brining me margaritas.  My friend Heather will notice these are the Keri Eyes.

AGE 27
In Florida for Ken's brother's wedding. 

 AGE 27
Posing with our pumpkins.  Truth be told, this is the only year that Ken has officially won our Pumpkin Carving Contest.  He will tell you otherwise.  Mine is the pumpkin on the right, and my pattern ws very hard.  You cannot win them all right?

AGE 28
With the best girlfriends in the world at my bachelorette party.
AGE 28
Just a few hours after becoming a Mrs. 

AGE 29
At Christopher Creek Winery with my handsome husband.  Oh look, there are those braces!  I think I just got a few years younger!
AGE 29
Hiking up Pikes Peak with Ken

AGE 29
My girl and me celebrating Halloween.  Could she be any prettier, geeze.

Wow, I have had a lot of different haircuts, styles, and colors in this last decade!  Thank goodness for the old faith blonde bob!  I have had more fun in the last decade than I ever could have imagined.  I am one lucky girl.