Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Eureka Springs, AR...

On Black Friday this past year, we were supposed to be flying to Europe to enjoy the Christmas markets of Germany, France, and Switzerland.  Since Americans are still not allowed in Europe, we drove four hours South to Eureka Springs, AR, and stayed at the Crescent Hotel.  In all honesty, I have wanted to stay at the Crescent Hotel for years, we just never have made the time.  

I was able to reserve us in Theodora's room, room 419.  This is one of the most requested rooms as it is supposedly haunted.  Theodora was a nurse that worked for Norman Baker when the Crescent was used as a hospital.  She is known to be a friendly ghost and often "tidies up" your room while you are not there.  She is also known to be seen outside the room frantically fumbling with her keys.  We did not have any visits from Theodora, however, I did not get much sleep because I was so worried about staying in her room, even though it was my idea to do so!

Of course, we did the ghost tour where we learned all about Theodora.  

Ken with Theodora.

Truth be told, I have no idea if that is really Theodora, but that is what we called the lady in the picture during our stay.  

Theodora's room at the Crescent Hotel, Room 419

Just waiting on Theodora to stop by for a glass of wine.  I was not singing this same tune at 2:00 am when I was having a nightmare that Theodora was putting my moisturizer in my hand to let me know she had visited.  I screamed and woke Ken up.  I was really terrified.  I swore she was in the room watching us sleep.

The Crescent Hotel is really beautiful

Thanks to Covid, I was finally able to stay here for a long weekend.

We spent most of our time wandering around downtown shopping, stopping for drinks, and visiting a few breweries.  We also got massages, which was wonderful.  I had never been a huge massage fan before, but working as a nurse that prones 400 pound Covid patients, my back welcomed the massage!

Eureka Spring's Christmas Tree

Basin Spring, which was one of the original springs

One of the restaurants offered flights of margaritas.  Of course, we got two!  We got to try 8 different flavors.  It was definitely a highlight!

We were the only people sitting outside!  We sit outside in Germany every Christmas, so we figured why not in Arkansas?

While we were so sad that we did not get to fly to Germany, we had a great weekend away in Eureka Springs.  It was nice to relax after having a lot of stress from moving the week prior.  I can see us visiting the Crescent Hotel again soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Christmas 2020...

The Christmas season looked a little different for us this year.  There was no trip to Munich, no kitties, and we had just moved into a new house.  To top it off, I was finishing up my master's degree and studying to take my nurse practitioner boards.  It was very stressful.

I had to charge on the unit on Christmas Day, but we had a good time celebrating Christmas Eve and the day after.  This was Lotti's first Christmas and Kya's 14th!

My family on Christmas Eve.  We went to Christmas Eve dinner with Rob and Michelle and had a great time laughing and telling stories.  

Christmas Day with my work family.  We had a great crew that day and I was able to overlook a family member calling someone a whore before 0730 on Christmas morning.  It was not a phone call I was expecting first thing in the morning, on Christmas.

Celebrating our Christmas morning.  There were a lot of tears that they were no kitties with us this year, but we were happy to add Lotti to our celebrations.

Speaking of Lotti, that girl went hog wild on Christmas.  She was overcome with excitement.  She was so excited about the new toys and snacks.  She instantly destroyed one of her new toys in excitement.

Excited girls

We spent the remainder of the day eating snacks and watching movies.  It was a nice lazy day.  I am excited for the Christmas season next year which includes no studying and no moving!

This sums up Lotti's first Christmas pretty well!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Kya and Lotti Do Salida, CO...Days 5 & 6...

 We started day 5 with some bone chewing and coffee at the VRBO.  The girls loved having lazy mornings relaxing.

Lotti has been so good for Kya.  Kya has not chewed on a bone for years, but suddenly she likes bones again since Lotti likes them.

After coffee and bone chewing, we walked downtown for our typical walk downtown for lattes and pastries.  

Waiting on dad to come out with the treats.

After our downtown adventures, we drove to Nathrop to hike to Brown Creek Falls, which is a 6.2 mile hike.  

Lotti was really starting to get the hang of hiking.  Look at those ears!

It was a beautiful hike and a beautiful day.  We were basically all alone on the trail.

Lotti at Brown Creek Falls

I love this picture of Ken and Lotti.  She loves her daddy.

Lotts and mom at Brown Creek Falls

We had a few snacks and then hiked the 3.1 miles back to the car.  

We had big evening plans that included taking the girls for ice cream before we packed up to head home in the morning.  The girls were really excited about ice cream.  Really excited.

This picture.  It sums up their personalities perfectly.  I have it framed in our house and love looking at it every day.  

Kya is an old pro when it comes to ice cream cones.

The rest of the night was low-key with packing and snuggling.  It was a great first family road trip!

Platty had a great time on vacation too.

Dirty paws mean a lot of walking on vacation, which is two paws up from Kya!

The next morning we started our long drive back home.  It was a decent drive until the last hour.  The last hour of an 11-12 hour trip is brutal.  

Happy girls on the way home.

I love that the OG is wide awake and the baby is sleeping.  Kya is the best big sister.

We stopped in Colby to pee and came out and found this.  We both died laughing.  Lotti is way too young to be behind the wheel!

We loved Salida and will definitely be back again.  It is at the top of our list of Colorado towns!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Kya and Lotti Do Salida, CO...Day 4...

We started day four with a trip to St. Elmo, a ghost town in the mountains.   

It was a beautiful blue sky day

It is hard to imagine that this place was once booming with mining and now it is a ghost town.  The general store that is usually open was closed because of Covid.

Lotti and me checking out the St. Elmo Post Office.

After wandering around St. Elmo, we drove to a trailhead so that Lotti could experience another hike.

Lotti is definitely a fan of hiking.  She looks like she belongs in the mountains.

After hiking, Ken and I found a little distillery in Salida and we stopped for craft cocktails.  The pink one is mine and was the Notorious RBG.

We ended the night walking around downtown Salida with the girls.  They both love vacation so much.

The most adorable house in downtown Salida.  I thought it looked extra adorable with the sunset.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Kya and Lotti Do Salida, CO...Day 3...

The next morning we walked to downtown for lattes and pastries.  


Lattes with my ladies.  This picture is one that I will treasure forever.  I love that they are both wearing their Fall scarves.

We walked around downtown for a bit and then relaxed at our VRBO.  We saw a winery on our wine to our hike the day prior and wanted to go check it out.  The girls both stayed behind at the house.

We spent the afternoon at Mountain Spirit Winery, enjoying a bottle of white wine.  It was a lovely day, with the exception of it being windy, which we are pretty used to here in Kansas.

Scenery around the winery

Ken enjoying the wine and sunshine

After the winery, we took the girls on a walk around downtown, stopping at a brewery for a few beers.  The girls love to go wander around a new city.

My favorite view, my girlies out for a walk

This picture.  My heart melts whenever I look at it.  I am not sure which one of them is the cutest.

We had a pretty early night and ended it with some bone chewing/napping at the VRBO.  The girls really enjoyed their day.

Relaxing and bone chewing go hand in hand.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Kya and Lotti Do Salida, CO...Day 2...

 After a full night of sleep, we were ready for some hiking.  We walked to downtown, which was only half a mile away from our house, and enjoyed a little pastry breakfast and lattes.  After getting back to the house, we started getting everything ready for Miss Lotti's first hike.  Miss Kya has retired from hiking but loves to walk around the city streets with her family.  Her little legs have put in a lot of miles over the years.

Adorable downtown Salida

We did a six-mile hike to Hunt Lake just outside of Salida.  It was very windy once we arrived at the lake, but we found a little area to hide from the wind and enjoy a bottle of wine.

Hunt Lake

Daddy and his baby

She was loving it

The waves were scaring her, so she climbed up on her daddy's lap to feel safe.  Be still my heart.

Kisses from my girl!  She loves her mama so much.  She is a good little hiker.

Lotti has already learned how to pose for pictures.  Look at the size of those ears.  They are so precious.

Lotti loved her first hike with her mom and dad!

This hike had some amazing views!!

After our hike, we went back to our VRBO to hang out in the backyard.  Kya had a blast wandering around the yard checking everything out.

Being the OG and the boss of everyone.

When your little sister gets put inside for being naughty and you are perfect and get to hang with mom and dad.

We ended the night with pasta, wine, and the hot tub at our VRBO.  It was perfection.  Both girls had a great day.