Monday, April 2, 2018


It has been a rough winter around these parts.  We have had many frigid days along with strong winds.  That is not super conducive to do a lot outside.  Alas, we survived March.  Here are a few moments from the month.

Late night snuggles with my girl after a long shift at the hospital.  It has been a very tough flu season this year with a lot of extra hours worked.

A Monday morning with these two and Theo looks less than pleased.

Some serious isolation gear in play.  We are the smallest and tallest nurses on my unit, respectively.  Jake is my go to for getting things off of the top shelf in the supply room.  Every short girl needs a tall friend.

Kya got to run a lot of errands with mom and ride shot gun like a big girl.  I swear, she really things she is something when she rides in the front seat.

Ken and I volunteered at the 100 mile race I ran last year, the Prairie Spirit Trail 100 miler.  We volunteered over night at the Richmond aid station.  We had an absolute blast helping the runners get back onto the trail.  It was a cold and windy night for the race, but we stayed warm and toasty in our tent.  We played music and really enjoyed almost everyone that came into the tent.  We even had a few groups that started dancing to some of our Nelly and Luda.  

Smiling aid station worker at the Richmond aid station.

Chilling at Somerset Ridge with her parents and looking oh so beautiful.

We got to enjoy some intermittent sunshine, despite the horrible wind we had on Saturday.

That is a look back at March!  We have a little more excitement planned for April and May and then we are off on an adventure in June!